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Clubs and Activities

2016-2017 Clubs
Club Name Location Day Time
A.B.I. A309 Friday Lunch
Action Against Hunger   Monday Lunch
Acts of Random Kindness Club (ARK) ACommons/A307 Wednsday Lunch
American Red Cross D312 Monday Lunch
Animal Hope and Wellness D312 Wednesday Lunch
Anime C310 Monday Lunch
Asian American Donor Program (AADP) M54 Friday Lunch
Band and Orchestra      
BC2M: Mental Health Awareness D05 Wednesday AfterSchool
Boy's Football      
California for Justice (CFJ) C312 Wednesday Lunch
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) D305 Monday Lunch
Chess Club M54 Daily Lunch
Chinese Club B302 Friday Lunch
Cinema Club B405 Friday Lunch
Class of 2017 D406 Wedneday Lunch
Class of 2018 Advisor Classroom Friday Lunch
Class of 2019 D408/C304 Monday Lunch
Class of 2020      
Cloud 9 Hip Hop Club D311/A310    
Computer Science Club B-Villa Computer Lab Friday Lunch
Creative, Lifestyle, Unity, Balance (C.L.UB.) A404 Tuesday/Thursday Lunch
Dance Club Dance Studio Wednedsay Class
Debate Club DCommons Thursday Lunch
Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) C304 Thursday Lunch
Dragon Boat   Friday Lunch
Drama C409 Daily Class
Enviromental Club K37 Friday Lunch
Fashion Club B107 Monday Lunch
FED Lion Dance Club D304 Friday Lunch
Fighting Game Community (FGC) B309 Friday Lunch
Food Club B303 Friday Lunch
French Club D205 Wednesay Lunch
Gay Straight Alliance B306 Tuesday Lunch
German Club D207 Friday Lunch
Girl's Basketball      
Girl's Volleyball      
Glee Club C206 Tuesdsay Lunch
Go Club D312 Wednesday Lunch
Greenhouse Club K33 Wednesday Lunch
Guitar Club E06 Wednesday Lunch
Hockey Club B309 Tuesday Lunch
Idance (Class) Dance Studio Wednesday Class
Indo Mob D406 Wednesday Lunch
Interact Club ACommons Thursday Lunch
Key Club ACommons Tuesday Lunch
Korean Club A313 Wednesdsay Lunch
Latino Student Union (LSU) B313   Lunch
LEO Club C308 Wednesday Lunch
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) D305 Tuesday Lunch
Lights on Trafficking (L.O.T.) K34 Wednesday Lunch
Mabuhay Bayanihan Club Bus Loading Zone Monday/Wednesday AfterSchool
Marine Biology D304   Class
Math Engineering Science Achievement Club ( M54 Wednesday AfterSchool
Muslim Student Association (MSA) B308 Wednesday Lunch
National Honor Society (NHS) C405 Friday Lunch
New Global Citizens (NGC) A313 Monday Lunch
No Pets on Plates M54 Wednesday Lunch
Our Melody D305 Wednesday Lunch
Parkour Club      
Piano/Choir Production E04/E06   Class
Pre-Med Club      
Random Acting and Writing (RAW) B407 Thursday Lunch
RC Flight M38 Thursday AfterSchool
Robotics M38 Tuesday AfterSchool
SAT Club A308 Wednesday Lunch
Sewing Club A02 Tuesday/Thursday AfterSchool
SOAR B309 Monday Lunch
Support Youth Nourish Community (S.Y.N.C) C405 Monday Lunch
T.A.I.L.S. C405 Wednesday Lunch
Tahitian Dance Club Memorial Grove Tuesday/Thursday AfterSchool
Teaching Academy A303 Tuesday Lunch
Technical Theater Theater Daily Class
The Sandwich Club C310 Thursday Lunch
Ukulele Club A209 Friday Lunch
Unicef K35 Friday Lunch
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) D313 Wednesday Lunch
Wrestling A309 Tuesday AfterSchool
Writing Club A405 Wednesday/Friday Lunch