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Attendance Office

Every Day Counts

Schools in California are funded on a system of ADA (Average Daily Attendance). Simply speaking, the East Side Union High School District receives approximately $40.00 per day for each day your student is in attendance. When your student is absent all day for any reason, our school district cannot receive funding for your child.

Because school attendance is mandatory, mutiple cases of unexcused absences are reported to the School Attendance Review Board and ultimately to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. Students who use school time to take family vacations not only take funds away from our school, but can also be cited for truancy.

The IHS Attendance Office is located in N-1

If you know your student will be absent, please phone or e-mail your student's Attendance Secretary to report the absence and request work from the teachers


Diana Castillo (A-L) ....................408.928.9552

Thao Pham (M-Z) ....................408.928.9542

Edy Contraras (Attendance Secretary)