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Behavior Policy

The need to maintain a safe campus and the need to create the best possible environment for learning are the motivating factors behind student behavior and attendance policies. Independence High School student behavior policies have outstanding teacher, parent, and student support helping to make IHS a terrific educational experience for all.

Every Day Counts
Schools in California are funded on a system of ADA (Average Daily Attendance). Simply speaking, the East Side Union High School District receives approximately $40.00 per day for each day your student is in attendance. When your student is absent all day for any reason, our school district cannot receive funding for your child.

Because school attendance is mandatory, mutiple cases of unexcused absences are reported to the School Attendance Review Board and ultimately to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. Students who use school time to take family vacations not only take funds away from our school, but can also be cited for truancy.

Tardy and ID Badge Sweeps
Our last rally in the gym was an ID Badge required event. ID Badges were checked before students entered the gym. The good news is that nearly the entire student body was able to display ID Badges. However, 60+ students with no ID Badges were held in detention in the Small Gyml and were unable to participate in the rally. To make our point regarding ID Badges and tardy concerns, we are continuing our unannounced sweeps periodically during the week. Additionally, students will need to display ID Badges when accessing student services such as purchasing lunch, using the library or scheduling classes for summer school and next school year.

Closed Campus Policy
All high schools within the East Side Union High School District enforce a closed campus policy. Students are not permitted to leave campus or occupy “out of bounds areas” without authorization. Out of bounds areas during break and lunch include those areas on the exterior of all entrance gates. Parking lots, athletic facilities, and the maintenance yard are out of bounds areas.

Cell Phone Use
Cell phones can be distracting devices in an educational environment. At IHS, student use of cell phones is not permitted on campus during school hours (7:00 – 4:00 PM). The last class of the day for a student is not the end of the end of our school day. School hours continue beyond the last class of the day to include Homework Center sessions, tutoring, detention and Adult Education sessions. 

Students wishing to use cell phones (make calls, receive calls, check voice mail) may do so in the student parking and bus loading zone areas but only before and after school. During school hours, cell phones must be turned off and stored out of sight (backpack, purse, pocket, etc). At the discretion of IHS staff, cell phones (as well as other electronic devices and clothing in violation of dress code) are subject to confiscation. Parents may retrieve confiscated items from the Attendance Office.

After School Athletic Facility Use
To provide for a safe environment for our athletic programs, locker rooms and athletic facilities will need to be restricted to athletes only. However, athletes are not permitted in the locker room, gym or pool areas unless supervised by a member of the team’s coaching staff. Coaches will need to unlock and lock locker room facilities for their teams. Unauthorized persons in the locker rooms will be subject to disciplinary measures.

PE Lockers
Earlier this year, we received several complaints of missing items from PE lockers. Securing the locker rooms has been a top priority. In our last sweep of the locker rooms during one PE class, we found 10 backpacks on the ground (not placed in the locker) and we found 18 PE locker owners who left their padlock hanging on the locker unlocked.

Restricting School Activities
Restriction from student activities for a time may have a greater effect on creating positive student behavior than any other disciplinary measure. Continued violations of student behavior policies could result in restrictions from attending a dance (Prom or Ball), participating in a talent show, or even taking part in a graduation ceremony.

For safety considerations, all non-IHS students are restricted from entering campus during school hours. All visitors are required to report to the reception area of the main office before attending to any school business regarding their child (teacher conference, picking up a student or taking care of an attendance issue).

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to handle the receiving and delivery of items to students during school hours. Please help us support this policy by doing a morning a “double-check” with your student for homework, books, lunch money and athletic clothes before arriving at school.