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CyberHigh is an extracurricular credit recovery program developed by the Fresno County Office of Education, and offered at Independence and other schools in ESUHSD. Students take classes online and complete exams to receive credits that count towards graduation from IHS, and some are counted by UC and CSU schools (as A-G high school course). Courses offered include English 1-4, electives, World History, US History, American Government, Economics, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2. We offer some science classes, but they only count for graduation, not A-G.

CyberHigh is no-cost to students and parents. Students sign up via counselors and are enrolled in whatever courses are deemed necessary. Students then work at home on their own time, or visit during a drop-in lab day. When work has been completed, students return to take exams with a proctor during drop-in time (see calendar below). Students having difficulty are welcome to come during drop-in hours for tutoring. Each course is expected to take an average of 75 hours to complete. 
(Note: some students will finish earlier, some later. This is equivalent to a semester of work).

To sign up, ask your IHS counselor. Any other questions please direct to