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IHS & BLM: A Message from Principal Berg
Posted 6/19/20

Dear Independence Community,


Independence High School, as a member of our East Side Community, is closely watching the national discussion around Equity for our Black community members. America, California, San Jose, and our own school community have all fallen short of meeting the ideals we strive for, and we need to do better. Our school Vision states, "Independence High School is an intercultural community that provides students with rich opportunities for personal and academic growth while embracing diversity, belonging, and open access for all." Independence High School stands with Black Lives Matter. As we strive to build equitable communities, we must see, listen to, and support our Black students, staff, and families.


Despite it being summer break, I ask our community to engage in this national conversation. If you are seeking resources to learn more, I recommend the statement from the SCCOE from 6/3 (linked below), which includes many sources to align with your learning style. Additional resources are available via YouTube or NetFlix, "13th" and "When They See Us" are good starting points. There are also many impactful podcasts available (Code Switch and 1619 have been some of my favorites). 


When we return in the fall, we know that to welcome all students as they are, we must first see our students for who they are.  We also know it is easy for a moment to pass and for our passion to improve to fade into fatigue, and we can't and won't allow that to happen.  We commit to this effort being ongoing, visible, and uncomfortable at times.  No meaningful progress can occur unless we engage in uncomfortable conversations and actual activism.


If you have questions or want additional resources, please let me know.


Thank you,

Bjorn Berg


Independence High School

(408) 928-9510