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Like math? Math club is here for you!
Posted 10/13/20


Join Math club to participate in many math competitions, and improve your math skills. In math club, our goal is to get our members involved in competitive math, and to provide a place for them to improve their math skills and overall problem solving skills. We also want our members to discover math in various aspects and to learn new math concepts!  


Some major math competitions which we intend on competing in include the AMC,AIME, and others may include the Princeton mathematics competition, and the Harvard-MIT math tournament.  In our club, our members will also try out many interesting math problems, review them, and we will  practice and prepare for math competitions.  There will be new skills taught and new tactics for solving problems.  We will also be hosting fun mini-competitions like math-relay races, integration bees, and fun kahoots!


Watch this video to learn more about us 

Come to our first meeting on Wednesday October 14th from 4-5pm on zoom.  Please fill out our interest form at to receive the zoom invitation to our meeting and to be informed on any updates. Make sure to join our discord at since this will be our primary method of communication. Feel free to email us at or dm us @ihsmathclub76 on instagram if you have any questions. See you at our first meeting!


Check out the flyer below to see some information!