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AP Payment Update
Posted 10/16/20

AP Students and parents of AP Students.


Ordering deadlines are approaching but I want to reduce your level of panic and stress.  We are dealing with challenges in processing payment of AP Test fees, but that shouldn't be your main worry.


Registration = you want to take the test.

Payment= you are paying the amount you need to in order to take the test (whether you pay full amount or reduced amount)


REGISTRATION is the critical component I need to confirm by November 4th.  I will finalize the order for IHS by November 13th.  ALL I really need is just confirmation that people are taking or not taking the test. 


I'll create and send out a form today to all AP students and share out the consequent list with teachers so we can chase down any undecided students.  Ideally, I'd like students to make payments as soon as they are able.



Once it is up and functioning, online payment will likely be the safest and easiest option for most families.  We will still accept in person payment at N-02 by check or cash as well. If you are bringing cash, please bring as close to the exact amount as possible ($86 for non-reduced rate, $5 for reduced rate)



Just as the ordering deadline doesn't interfere with students and families paying afterwards, so too the deadline for establishing which students can pay free and reduced rate is not November 4th. 


If students have any doubts, they can check with Nutritional Services or (if they haven't already) submit a Free and Reduced application online.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application


As with everything this year, the process is taking twice as long, and is twice as painful.  You are our customer and who we need to serve.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me at  That is the best way to reach me and receive a response.


Thank you for your patience.  We are lucky to have your students and you as their parents.