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Like making art? Check out Collage Club's 2nd Meeting!
Posted 10/26/20

Collage Club is about helping others find their voice through art. Want to speak up about something you care about? Or, maybe just interested in making collages? Come to our 2nd meeting this Wednesday on 10/28 @ 3PM! 


We'll be discussing the deeper meaning behind art, and how that involves you. Whether you like strumming the ukulele or playing sports with your friends, art can express those feelings. Sometimes, it's easier to show it through a picture than say it through words.


Everyone is welcome to join! No experience required, just an interest in making art. 


Follow our Instagram @ihscollageclub for more details and updates!


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Meeting will be on Zoom!

Meeting ID: 976 6461 4474
Passcode: 1g4urS

Check out our poster, and share it to your friends!


It's a little early but, Happy Halloween! : ')