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O.G.'s Locker, yo!
4/2/13 1:42 PM

    Elizabeth Oing

    Meet Ms. O!

    Welcome to my virtual corner of IHS :) My name is Ms. Oing, or Ms. O is fine. I've been teaching @IHS since 2004 in the English department. In my years here, I've taught several different subjects: Read180, Comp & Lit, English 1, English 2, & English 3. I love reading (obviously), movies, music, video games, and art. Please, feel free to look around and find various items of interest. If you are one of my current students, I look forward to seeing you next class!

    If you have any questions, feel free to eMail me at

    Important Links

    Library: Classroom lending library is listed @LibraryThing. Feel free to browse and see if there are any titles you might wish to borrow.

    Twitter: Classroom has a twitter account, it is highly recommended students follow the feed for reminders as well as special Twitter-only opportunities :)!/MsOingClassroom

    OpenOffice: If you don't have MS Office, OpenOffice is a free download that will work with MS Office files.

    Portable Apps: Take your favorite programs with you to any PC computer with a thumb drive free. Includes OpenOffice.