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Teaching Academy

The TEACHING ACADEMY is a college-prep program designed for students who are interested in many career options. Many students are in our program because they like working with children (in our field studies, you will be visiting and teaching in local elementary schools). These careers can include teaching, child psychology, pediatrics, counseling, preschool teacher or director, social work, or childcare. The classes in the Teaching Academy provide opportunities for leadership, working collaboratively with teams of students, and practicing presentation skills. Our Academy classes are in English, Social Studies (including Psychology), Math, and Spanish. 

Other aspects of the Teaching Academy include:

  • Opportunities to work with and teach elementary school children
  • Experience teaching and learning at different levels
  • Collaborate with teachers, students, and student teachers – Special field trips to schools and other places of interest
  • Learn how to plan lessons and professional presentations

If you love kids join the Teaching Academy Club


Visit Mrs. Narveson in Room A303 or email her ( ) Or Apply on-line!